CellCoTec's core technology is Cellular Regeneration Technology (CRT), and INSTRUCT is our lead product. INSTRUCT  provides a minimally invasive, single surgery cell-based therapy for knee cartilage repair.

Existing cell generation procedures rely on lengthy cell culturing in a laboratory and require more than one surgical intervention, increasing cost and rehabilitation time.  CRT combines the patient's own healthy cartilage cells with cells from autologous bone marrow to instruct new cartilage tissue formation.

Harvested cartilage cells and bone marrow cells are combined with a mechanically functional polymer scaffold that allows load bearing in a matter of weeks, substantially reducing rehabilitation times, when compared with existing cell based treatment options.

We believe CellCoTec's Cellular Regeneration Technology will become the standard of care for treatment of articular cartilage lesions. The technology will provide a cost effective, single surgery treatment for damaged and diseased cartilage, thereby enhancing patient quality of life.