Cell Replacement Technology

CellCoTec has developed a Cell Replacement Technology (CRT) which it has applied to treatment of knee cartilage lesions. In the knee cartilage repair field we have designated our lead product as INSTRUCT.

The benefits of INSTRUCT include:

  • a single surgical procedure
  • a comparatively short rehabilitation time due to the use of a mechanically functional scaffold
  •  higher efficacy rates than ACI, due to consistent and more rapid formation of hyaline cartilage
  • excellent health economics

The surgical procedure for INSTRUCT will require minimal additional training and is less complex than existing cell replacement procedures.

CellCoTec carried out a study to compare CRT with microfracture and ACI. The histological slides are shown below. The red staining shown in the histological slide relating to the CRT treatment is indicative of natural cartilage formation. Conversely, the blue staining of the ACI and microfracture slides, indicates a complete lack of hyaline cartilage formation.

Combination of isolated primary chondrocytes with freshly isolated bone marrow cells (CRT)

Freshly isolated bone marrow cells (microfracture)

Cultured chondrocytes (ACI)

Histology results at x200; cartilage tissue is coloured red/pink